About keyboard shortcuts and misconceptions

This article includes:

  1. One section for Bubble beginners
  2. One section for more experienced Bubble makers
  3. One cool app built with Bubble
  4. One tweet related to Bubble that I found inspiring and helpful.

The Beginners Bubble

If you’re just starting up in this Bubble world, you’ll soon realize you need to cut & paste multiple elements when creating an app.

Instead of cutting and pasting, using CTRL+D will duplicate the element you choose. Combine this shortcut with CTRL + G to group elements together and you will quickly populate your app while keeping the design consistant.

Use CTRL+G and CTRL+D to save time while designing

The Makers Bubble

Apart from the two simple shortcuts I shared, there are some others that can be really useful. Here is the full list:

Click Help and then Shortcuts list to see the list in your Bubble app

Combine it with this Chrome extension and you will probably find yourself building much faster very soon. The Chrome extension includes shortcuts to Align left / right / top / bottom and Center horizontally / vertically, which are actions that I constantly need to execute.

Bubble App of the Week

App of the week is Escape the City, a job board where employers can only post if they check at least 2 of these conditions:

  1. Socially / environmentally impactful organisation
  2. Innovative product
  3. People-first culture
  4. Remote or in an exotic location
  5. Small (<50 people) & unique business

In a world where money & status often carry a lot of weight when looking for a job, I like the idea of helping people work for organisations that are a bit different.

You can see how they use custom states to show & hide different elements and optimize app performance. They also have a very simple calculator and an FAQ section that can serve as an inspiration if you’re looking to build your own.

Dominic Jackman, the founder, explains that the migration to Bubble was a long process that took almost 18 months… but was worth it.

Bubble Tweet of the Week

This week I’m sharing a tweet by Minimum Studio. They tackle three common misconceptions about low-code:

  1. You can only build prototypes and MVPs with no-code tools.
  2. ‘Real developers’ would never use no-code platforms.
  3. No-code will not scale.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed sharing what I’m learning. If you have ideas for things you would like to see covered in the next articles, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Twitter!

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